How to bulletproof your small business loan application

For any business in general, and for small and medium businesses, finance is one of the most important aspects under perpetual consideration. After all, money is vital to keep the wheel turning and for the day to day operations to take place without any issues. While large businesses have multiple ways to keep the lights on, small businesses must often rely on loans to take them through lean times, or when money is needed for business operations.

However, convincing banks to approve a loan can be a difficult job for an unprepared small business. Here in, we will discuss some ways in which, small businesses can ensure that that their loan applications are approved. Following are a few aspects, that make a loan application easier to be approved:

  1. Adequate information about loan options, and different sources for availing

There are various options, of both secured and unsecured loans that can be leveraged to give your business the right kind of push, keeping in mind your repayment capability. The right type of Loan to Requirement match is of utmost importance to effectively reap the benefits of business financing.

  1. Awareness about basic requirements for receiving a loan.

An understanding of the basic criteria like minimum age, minimum turnover, eligible form of business etc will help you pin point the right kind of financial institution to reach out to for your loan requirement. This will bring about more efficiency in the loan seeking process.

  1. Be prepared for a thorough scrutiny by the lender.

A scrutiny which may cover your assets, prospects, investors, financial statement etc. Any financial institution that will consider your application will assess your repayment capability basis not only your personal financial health but that of your business as well.

  1. Have clarity regarding the use of funds.

Any amount of loan that you will seek, most definitely comes with a rate of interest that must be re-payed along the principal amount borrowed. You need to be sure to the tee of; “Why do you need funds?”, “Where are you going to use them?”

  1. Have a solid business plan alongside. Lenders often look exactly where they are putting in their money.

Every Loan requirement should be backed by a coherent plan of action for utilization, prospected growth, and the repayment plan for the financial institutions to be certain that you have chalked out a strategy for the loan. This helps the lender be confident of your intent and management for the said loan.

However most small-scale businesses are unable to conduct a thorough research to ensure the above points. But to the advantage there are online financial services like Loan Frame, that help them to not only be aware of the right loan options out there, but also to organise all financials in a way that can be presented to the relevant lenders in a truly bullet-proof manner.

With credit and risk assessment done by these financial service providers such as Loan Frame, the small business can understand exactly what factors make their loan application more/or less appealing to a prospective lender.

Adding Credibility to Your Application

Banks and institutional lenders are comfortable disbursing loans to applications that have been thoroughly assessed by a reputed service like Loan Frame. This online platform ensures to eliminate any issues with your loan application and present your business in the best possible light to potential lenders — ensuring that you not only receive the loan, but receive it at the most competitive rates and terms.

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