Loan Frame empowers Gurugram Designer to expand and scale new heights

About the SME

Surendri Design, a well-known fashion design SME started operations in 2013 with the aim of becoming the preferred shopping destination for women across age groups. The brand has since become a popular name in the celebrity fashion circuit, and showcases its designs at renowned fashion events across the country.

Surendri Design: Expansion Mode

Over the last one year, Surendri Design has expanded its product range and realized a need to raise business loans for working capital and business expansion. Given its impressive business financials, a working capital loan should have been easy to get.

Challenges in getting a business loan

When Surendri Design tried raising a working capital business loan, it wasn’t a smooth ride.
Mr. Yogesh Chaudhary, the Founder of Surendri Design, first knocked on the doors of the business’s existing banker, where they have a current account. To their disappointment, their business loan application was turned down because they had not completed the minimum tenure to fit the bank’s criteria.
As Mr. Chaudhary was exploring other options to get a business loan, he came across Loan Frame.

The customer experience with Loan Frame

After a quick fitment analysis, Loan Frame introduced Surendri Design to the most appropriate lender for its business working capital loan requirement.

 Surendri Design received funds in 4 days in its bank account!

Sharing his experience of associating with Loan Frame, Mr. Chaudhary says:

This was our first experience of associating with a fintech brand to avail a business loan and I am very impressed with the level of commitment and service provided by the Loan Frame team.

They were extremely prompt and knowledgeable. They helped by arranging appropriate financing options for us in a short span of time, and supported Surendri Design through the entire process of loan application, selection and disbursal.

All in all, a smooth and friendly procedure which was in stark contrast to my experience with the business loan application process of traditional sources.

The experience has been so memorable that Mr. Chaudhary is looking at associating with Loan Frame as a long term partner for both unsecured and secured loans, as it expands in the times to come and has more business loan requirements.

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