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Loan frame is India’s leading fin-tech marketplace for SME lending which makes obtaining credit for an SME a lot easier and efficient. The team has merged world class technology, processes of global financial institutions with deep Indian SME lending experience.

Led by Shailesh Jacob, who has previously helped Copal Amba transform itself from a start-up to the #1 firm globally in the outsourced research & analytics industry with over 2900 professionals and 200 institutional clients, Loan Frame has even before commencing full scale operations acquired funding of US$ 2.25 million in its seed round.

In a telephonic interview with Mr. Shailesh Jacob, he came out with how user e-friendly their application process is, a simple user interface backed with layers of strong, efficient and secure technology. Gone are the days of tedious task of form filling it is all digitize now with loan frame. He promotes that a borrower must be given the right credit. Loan Frame aims to 1000 crore over next couple of years.

The company is a firm believer of security and uses LDAP and SSL to ensure encrypted and securely transmitted. They use Amazon Web Services and ensure customer privacy. The good news for iPhone users is that an iOS version of the app is under Beta Testing and can be expected till April.

The article was authored by Chavvi Dua for TechPhlie on January 29, 2017.

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