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India is currently one of the most active FinTech markets in the world. It has drawn the maximum investments in the sector, along with China. Two important missions led by the Government of India, one of Financial Inclusion and the other of a Digital India, are driving innovation. Though it maybe a challenge to turn India into a completely cashless economy, given it’s sheer size of population and scattered geography, digital payments has grown quickly – thanks to the rapid growth in smartphone and e-commerce penetration. A country where cash had usually been the go to mode of transactions, a digital world of financial services have found a place to thrive.

Earlier this year we had shared our list of Top 11 FinTech Startups in India. We decided to include more companies to this list to introduce them to fintech stakeholders in Asia and elsewhere. Fintech Asia has also spoken to several Indian companies in detail – to understand more about the business, vision of the team, and their perspective of the ecosystem they operate in – as part of the Fintech India series.

Top 50 FinTech Companies in India

Company Website Funding Subcategory Founder/s / MDs
Loan Frame Technologies 2.25 million Lending Shailesh Jacob

Editor’s note: The funding/investment data was collected from various sources such as Crunchbase, CBInsights, news reports, etc. Not all rounds have been disclosed by companies.

The article was authored by Editorial Team of FINTECHASIA on Aug 15, 2017.

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