Interview of Shailesh Jacob, CEO & Founder with BW Disrupt


In an interaction with Sujata Sangwan of BW Disrupt, Shailesh Jacob, CEO & Founder, Loan Frame, shared his startup’s journey including idea generation, description, traction details and future goals. Loan Frame is a silicon-valley style Fintech company focused on small and medium enterprise (SME) lending in the Indian subcontinent by building India’s largest technology enabled SME lending marketplace. Loan Frame is providing a technology solution to one of India’s long standing economic problems: availability of credit to Indian SME’s.

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What sets Loan Frame apart in the $300B Indian SME lending market | YourStory

While the success of India’s demonetisation is being debated across both commercial and political corridors of power, there hasn’t been a better time for financial firms in the lending market. The surplus liquidity of cash in bank coffers has caused even banks to announce rate cuts on the loans provided.

And the signs could be seen before November 8. Just last year, Indian startups in the lending segment saw a massive draw of $343 million in investments, almost three times the $124 million that was seen in 2015. This includes a mixture of pure-play transaction platforms like LendingKart as well as NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) like IFMR Capital.

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Loan Frame at LendIt USA 2017

Loan Frame was started with an aim in mind – help borrowers access the right kind of business finance in the minimum possible time. Towards this end, we are creating the largest SME lending marketplace. We harness the power of technology to make this happen. We want that getting business loans for small businesses should be a quick, easy and transparent process as against the largely slow, painful, and opaque process that it is currently.

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Digital lending marketplace can help SMEs to get easier and cheaper loan | SME Times


Two of India’s biggest economic problems faced by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – one poor credit availability and second high cost of credit, can be solved through technology enabled SME lending marketplace, believes Shailesh Jacob the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Loan Frame.

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How We Are Nurturing SME Growth Through Financing Solutions | IAMWIRE


Despite their importance to the Indian economy, MSMEs suffer institutional neglect with access to financing at a reasonable cost being one of the key pain points for small businesses. However, a combination of realisation of the importance of this segment, improved risk appetite, and innovations in the channels linking borrowers with lenders is slowly but surely changing things for the better.

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Leveraging Technology For Business Loans | CXOToday


‘Digital India’ is much more than a political slogan. At its core, it is the belief that technology can help improve access to services for hitherto neglected segments of society and the economy.

One such segment is SMEs. Technology is already revolutionizing lending in India and it can bring a true disruption in SME lending, which is ripe for improvements. Measuring borrower risk accurately is something that lenders have always struggled with. This gets trickier with smaller businesses given that such these borrowers do not always have organised revenues and expense trails.

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