Discover New Lending Opportunities for Your Business

Clients Galore

Nearly 90% of small business units in India are still seeking loans. Tap into new client bases, industries and product types, with a little help from us. You can thank us later.

Penny Saved is a Penny Lent

Access pre-qualified customers as per your target segment and credit policy, without investing in extra manpower. Save more, lend more, earn more.

Make Informed Decisions

Know Your Borrower

We create our own credit risk scores, with traditional and non-traditional credit metrics, to access borrower's repayment capabilities. Risky borrowers are weeded out automatically by our fraud prevention algorithms.

Stay Two Steps Ahead

We use predictive analytics that give insights into future client behaviour. So you can solve problems before they happen, such as identify a future defaulter. How cool is that?

Don't Fall for the Bad Boys

Reduce reliance on traditional channel partners who are fragmented, provide risky leads and a poor client experience, Use our expertise to expand your lending coverage.