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In business, you need money to make money

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25 Banks & NBFCs on the Platform

Just 1 application and you’re done. With Loan Frame, you’ll never have to visit a bank again!


50+ SME Loan Products

Choose from multiple loan options - and on better terms. Most of our competitors will typically offer just 2-3 off-the-shelf type products.


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Grow faster. We know SMEs need that extra push to see the light of day, so we're by your side when you need us most.

Find the Best Small Business Loan for Your SME...Fast

Loan Frame is India’s first SME lending marketplace that offers you the entire portfolio of 50 SME loan products. From retail and manufacturing to pharmaceuticals, IT, services and core sectors like health and FMCG, we make sure you get a tailor-made business loan that’s just right for your SME.

Best of all, we fast-track your borrowing with cutting edge technology so that you get your business loan faster and cheaper.

The Most Popular Business Loans for SMEs

The world of SME loans is no longer restricted to traditional term loans. At Loan Frame, you have multiple loan options to choose from – and on better terms.

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Types of Business Loans

Check out the most popular types of small business loan products offered by India's leading lenders below.

  • Term Loans
    Term Loans
    Get a term loan that's better suited for your SME – with special insights from our experts. Readmore
  • Loans For Professionals
    Loans For Professionals
    Get secured and unsecured loans at special rates and longer tenures. Readmore
  • Working Capital Limits
    Working Capital Limits
    Get cash credit (CC) and fund/non-fund based limits to meet your day-to-day requirements more cost-effectively. Readmore
  • Loan Against POS Terminal
    Loan Against POS Terminal
    Get a business loan of up to INR 2 crores against your EDC or POS machine – with flexible EMIs. Readmore
  • Structured Short Term Loans
    Structured Short Term Loans
    Get a flexible collateral-free loan for your E-Commerce business, or 100% invoice financing to quickly turn your outstanding invoices into cash. Readmore

Why Loan Frame for Business Loans

SMEs are the backbone of India's economy. Yet 90% of small and medium businesses don't have access to proper institutional credit. That's because different banks, NBFCs and financial institutions have different norms of eligibility1 that most SMEs find difficult to understand, interpret and get maximum benefit from.

At Loan Frame, we work with all major lenders in India. We have a deep understanding of their eligibility norms, and do all the intelligent matchmaking in advance to ensure you get your business loan – faster, cheaper and more easily.

1 such as with regard to business age, performance, collateral requirements, etc.

Loan Frame makes getting business loans easier for you in at least 7 ways!

Loan Frame amplifies your reach exponentially compared to your Chartered Accountant.


25+ Banks & NBFCs in One Place

“It was a very smooth & non-complicated process… They negotiated a very low interest loan for me from their lending partner. Thanks Loan Frame.”

- Amit R, Owner, IT Services Firm (Surat)


Stop running around banks! Just one application and you’re done.

“Loan Frame was very responsive... I was very happy with how quickly my loan was disbursed.”

- Sunil Gupta, IT Infrastructure Management Firm (Delhi NCR)


Get the best loan option for your business!

“It would have been impossible to get this loan deal if it were not for their efforts. The interest savings for my business are very meaningful.”

- Dr. RP Singh, Doctor and start-up founder (Delhi)


Meet the right lender fast on the back of our proprietary algorithms and strategic partnerships


Better Chance

Get the right loan product for your SME on the strength of hard negotiations by our experts. We’ve even turned around a few rejected applications!


Tailor-Made for Your SME

Apply anytime from anywhere – via our mobile app or website.


24/7 Service

When it comes to money, time is money.

Our application process is fast and automated. Get your CA fill your financial information with a few clicks. Our proprietary algorithms can review your business health digitally in minutes. Supporting documents are few and can be easily uploaded. Switch seamlessly between our website and mobile app to get the latest information on your application.

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How is Loan Frame Different?

Loan Frame was created to help SMEs succeed by finding the perfect lender. So to help your SME business succeed, Loan Frame will not only review and appraise your business loan application, but also follow a transparent system with no hidden fees, and negotiate the most attractive interest rates for you. Our proprietary algorithms will match you with your ideal lender and can get you a decision in as little as 2 hours, and a disbursement within 3 days!

How Long Will Your Business Loan Application Process Take?

Your preliminary rate check will take less than a minute! After that, your online application form will take just under 20 minutes to complete. Paperwork is minimal – simply scan and upload your supporting documents and you’re done! Or give us access to your digital repository and we’ll do it for you.

If your paperwork is in place, we can move your loan process faster than a haircut!

What Documentation Will You Need for Your Business Loan Application?

Although documentation may vary depending the type of SME loan you take, you will typically need these:

  1. Principal promoter’s ID and address proof
  2. Proof of establishment
  3. Statements of bank accounts and loan accounts
  4. Income proof

What Factors Do We Consider When Underwriting?

Unlike others, we don’t believe that the potential of your business can be determined just by a traditional credit score comprising past credit performance and current debt. Our score uses numerous other sources of data to arrive at a more complete and realistic composite with regard your SME’s business needs.