Loan Frame caters to a wide variety of sectors and specialises in some core sectors too.


Want to expand your practice or labs, upgrade equipment and improve cash flow? We are just what the doctor ordered.


Problems appearing faster than your products disappear off the shelf? Loan Frame can help take stock of every problem.


We can help self-employed individuals get loans for working capital and expansions.


Heavy machinery is central to your business. We make light work of getting the loan for it.


Working capital can help retailers hire extra help during busy months, service large orders and tide over erratic cash flow.


We can source funds to assist technology upgrades in manufacturing, marketing, new product launches and refinancing.

IT, ITes and Software Development

We help BPO and information technology small business source funds and scale up to version 2.0.


A loan can help manpower intensive services such as security agencies, housekeeping, automotive dealers, education and logistics services among others, expand their reach.


Funds can help this sector, adopt new technologies to build their global competitiveness and increase their customer base.